Combined BA/MA TESOL Track

TESOL 4 + 1

The Department of English Language and Literature offers a combined BA and MA degree program in the TESOL undergraduate concentration that allows students to receive both BA and MA degrees in 5 years. Up to twelve (12) semester credit hours of the 6000 level semester courses may be applied toward both the TESOL BA and MA degree requirements.

Combined 4+1 BA/MA in TESOL Track

Program of Study

First Year with Transitional Graduate Status*

Fall Semester

  • ENG 4710 Linguistics (co-requisite)
  • ENG 6730 TESOL Theory and Culture (Summer ENG 6700 TEFL Theory and Culture is also an option)
  • ENG 6740 TESOL Practice and Materials (Summer ENG 6790 TEFL Practice and Materials is also an option)

Spring Semester  

  • ENG 6750 TESOL Grammar 
  • ENG 6760 TESOL Assessment
  • ENG 7510 TESOL Listening & Speaking or ENG 7520 TESOL Reading &  Writing (whichever is schedule for that semester)

Program of Study

Second Year with Regular Graduate Degree Status

Fall Semester  

  • ENG 7030 Research Methods TESOL
  • Two 7000 level seminars

Spring semester

  • ENG 7130 Discourse Analysis
  • ENG 7510 TESOL Listening & Speaking or ENG 7520 TESOL Reading &  Writing (whichever is schedule for that semester)
  • One 7000 level seminars
  • ENG 6940 TESOL Internship (can be taken in summer term)
  • Satisfactory completion of the TESOL Exit portfolio and revised seminar paper

Admission Requirements

To be accepted for the combined BA/MA program, an undergraduate student must have:

  • Documentation validating their standing in the TESOL concentration in English at Wright State if the student is enrolled in the Department of English's TESOL undergraduate concentration at Wright State University,
  • Senior status for the semester they start the combined BA/MA in TESOL
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or better
  • Transitional status through the School of Graduate Studies
  • The permission of the Department of English Language and Literatures to take graduate courses in the Department
  • An approved program of study for the combined courses

Program Withdrawal

Students admitted to the combined BA/MA program may withdraw from the program and continue with the traditional undergraduate BA degree at Wright State or in their home institutions.  Credits earned in graduate courses will be applied to undergraduate degree requirements.  Students who withdraw also will have the option of applying for a TESOL certificate after meeting with their TESOL advisors.

Transitional Status

Domestic or international students from partner institutions with which Wright State has previously arranged partnerships may apply for Transitional graduate status. Transitional graduate students must apply to a program for which a partnership agreement & pathway already exists, and must meet all other minimum criteria for admission (including English language and GPA standards), save only that they have not yet completed the bachelor’s degree. Students admitted to Transitional status cannot complete any graduate degree program or be awarded a graduate degree at Wright State while in that status. Only 15 credit hours of graduate work taken in Transitional status can be applied to a graduate degree at Wright State; students in this status are expected to complete their bachelor’s degree by the end of those 15 hours. Regular graduate status will be conferred on Transitional students in good standing upon receipt of a transcript showing proof of a bachelor’s degree.