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Why Choose the English as a Second Language Program?

The English as a Second Language program strives to prepare non-native English speakers to succeed in their university writing and speaking assignments and to improve their academic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The program offers credit-bearing courses in writing and speaking for Wright State students who are non-native English speakers and a special classroom communication course for International Graduate Teaching Assistants (IGTAs). These courses are designed to improve students’ success in the university classroom. Non-native English speakers from the community wishing to improve their English language skills may also take these courses as non-degree students or enroll in the LEAP Intensive English program offered by the Department of English.


Course Audience Grade Credit Hours
ENG 1010 All ESL students enrolled in Wright State degree programs, international graduate students applying for teaching assistantships, and people in the community who need training in speaking and understanding English strategies Pass/Unsatisfactory 3
ENG 1020 Low intermediate and intermediate level ESL students who need to work on the basics of sentence structure and paragraphing Pass/Unsatisfactory 3
ENG 1030 High-intermediate ESL students who need an introduction to the fundamentals of essay writing and preparation for the demands of college writing, emphasizing advanced sentence structure, style, and organization, and the development of ideas for writing Pass/Unsatisfactory 3
ENG 1100 for ESL (sections 1-10) Advanced ESL students who must fulfill the first-year writing requirement and for other advanced students who wish to sharpen their academic writing skills Letter grades are given 3
ENG 1050 International teaching assistants (ITAs) who need to improve oral proficiency and teaching skills for the classroom and lab Pass/Unsatisfactory 3

International Teaching Assistants Workshop

The workshop is held one week prior to the start of Fall Semester classes. All workshop participants are automatically registered for the Oral Proficiency Test (OPT) take the test during the workshop.

The workshop is designed to help international graduate teaching assistants prepare for their classes and labs and includes: 

  • Introductory lectures and presentations on what the new international teaching assistant can expect and prepare for in the American classroom or lab.
  • Small group sessions in which participants meet with experienced international graduate assistants who share the cultural, language, and teaching experiences they have encountered at an American university.
  • Round table session in which Wright State students talk about their experiences with international teaching assistants in the classroom and lab.
  • Videotaped session in which participants present a micro teaching assignment and then have it critiqued by ESL faculty.

Visit the Center for Teaching and Learning Workshops page to register for the fall International Teaching Assistants Workshop.

Oral Proficiency Test (OPT)

All international graduate teaching assistants and lab assistants must take and pass the OPT. Students registered for the fall International Teaching Assistants Workshop are automatically enrolled in the OPT.

Students wishing to take the OPT at times other than the Fall International Teaching Assistants Workshop should contact Robert E. Rubin.

OPT Scores and Categories

Category Result
Category 1
Score of 250-300
The prospective ITA should be allowed to teach with routine supervision by a department advisor.
Category 2
Score of 210-249
The prospective ITA should be allowed to teach with supervision by a department advisor and simultaneous enrollment in English 1050 – "Classroom Communication for the International Teaching Assistant.” The ITA will be required to repeat this class the next term if the final grade is unsatisfactory.
Category 3
Score of 209-0
The prospective ITA is not yet qualified to teach and must take (or repeat) English 1010 (Basic Academic Speaking and Listening) before attempting the OPT again.

Contact Information

Robert E. Rubin, ESL Coordinator
(937) 775-3136

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