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Why Choose Integrated Language Arts Concentration in English?

Students wishing to become language arts teachers in grades 7-12 should choose Integrated Language Arts (ILA). ILA is a five-year program that begins in the College of Liberal Arts with an undergraduate degree in English: Integrated Language Arts and continues in the College of Education and Human Services with a master’s in education (M.Ed.) in Adolescent Young Adult: Integrated Language Arts and licensure. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs have specific entrance requirements. The Wright State University chapter of National Council of Teachers of English offers both undergraduate and graduate opportunities and support for ILA students. The English Club offers enriching activities throughout the year for all students. Our annual Language Arts Fair brings area LAE educators and top language arts students from around the region to Wright State for a day of classroom presentations involving innovative pedagogies in the five strands of integrated language arts. In addition, the event hosts a regional young adult author for a reading and signing on the day of the LA Fair.


View the English program profile for sample occupations, average salary, and employment projections. 

Real-World Experience

Valuable field experiences are available to Integrated Language Arts students.

You should register with Office of Partnerships and Field Experience OPFE) in College of Education and Human Services for your undergraduate field placement early in your career as an ILA major (sophomore or junior year). You should see an ILA advisor before registering for a field experience.

There are specific deadlines for field placement registration (these are typically the first week of the semester BEFORE you plan to do your placement). Please check the OPFE webpage for further information.

Success Stories

After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wright State, Jamaica Siroky teaches at Thurgood Marshall STEM High School in Dayton.

Academics and Curriculum

View the Bachelor of Arts in English program information and degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Graduation Planning Strategy (Four Year Plan) (PDF)


To be admitted to the English, Integrated Language Arts concentration program, an undergraduate student must have a 2.7 G.P.A. which includes at least two English courses. The two English courses must also carry the same 2.7 G.P.A. 

To apply for admission to the English, Integrated Language Arts concentration program:

  1. Please see an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts. 
  2. The COLA advisor will review your MAP and, upon successful completion of all the necessary requirements, direct you to your English: Integrated Language Arts advisor. 
  3. Once you are officially admitted into the program, your degree audit will reflect your major and indicate the names of your COLA advisor, your ILA advisor (Dr. Angela Beumer Johnson), and the English department chair.

Review the admission requirements and complete the admission application. Identify whether you will be majoring in art history.

If you are a current student and wish to change majors, go to the WINGS Express major/minor change request form and change your major. If you are an undecided/exploratory student, talk to your advisor about majoring in English.

Registration for ILA Courses

To register for an entry level ILA course (ENG 3520, 3530, 3560, or 3570), you must officially be an ILA major. 

Maintaining Academic Standing in ILA

To continue in the ILA program, you must maintain a 2.7 G.P.A. throughout your undergraduate program. You also must maintain a C or better in all core English and ILA classes. Please note you must have at least a 2.7 G.P.A. for admission into the graduate program.

If you fall below these requirements, a block will be placed on your ability to register for courses. You will need to see your ILA advisor to discuss this block.

State Licensure Test

As of September 1, 2013, the Pearson OAE English Language Arts Test will replace Praxis for licensure in Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts in grades 7-12.

Students who take Praxis before September 1, 2013, and achieve a score of 167 or better will not have to take the Pearson test for licensure or admittance to the graduate program in Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts at Wright State.

Students applying for licensure and/or admission to the graduate program in Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts in the College of Education and Human Services, who have NOT taken Praxis as of September 1, 2013 MUST take the Pearson OAE English Language Arts Test. 

Registering for the Pearson OAE English Language Arts (020) Test

You should register for and take the OAE ELA Test by the summer BEFORE you plan to apply to the M.Ed. program in Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts in the College of Education and Human Services. This will give you time to retake the test if there is an issue. Applications for the graduate program are due March 1. The program begins in Summer A. 

For admittance to the College of Education and Human Services M.Ed. program in Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts, undergraduate students must score a 220 or better on the Pearson OAE English Language Arts test.

To register for the OAE, visit the Ohio Assessments for Educators website.

The OAE English Language Arts test is number 020. 

The OAE is only available online, at an approved OAE test site. Wright State, Dayton campus, is not currently an approved OAE test site. The Lake campus is an approved test site. Columbus State and Ohio State are also approved testing locations.

Professional Organizations

There are several professional organizations we encourage all ILA undergraduate students to join:

  • WSU-NCTE is our university chapter of National Council of Teachers of English. The organization provides support for students studying to take the Pearson OAE English Language Arts Test, helps participating members fund conference attendance, supports local teachers with resources and classroom texts, assists with the Language Arts Fair each spring, and offers graduate school and employment support for both undergraduate and graduate students. To become a member or officer, please contact Dr. Angela Beumer Johnson.
  • Ohio Council of Teachers of English (OCTELA) is the Ohio affiliate organization of National Council of Teachers of English that supports classroom teachers with resources, censorship issues, and serves as a liaison between Ohio educators and the Ohio Department of Education and legislators. OCTELA publishes Ohio Journal of English Language Arts (OJELA), a nationally recognized journal for ELA researchers and educators at all levels They also have an annual conference in Columbus, Ohio, a great place to meet regional teachers, administrators, and view presentations by area teachers and researchers. The conference is a minimal cost for students, and membership and a subscription to OJELA are included in the conference fees. Visit the OCTELA website for more information.
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is a national organization for English teachers at all levels. NCTE publishes three journals for language arts teachers and researchers. They hold an annual conference, which is widely attended and offers progressive presentations about ILA pedagogy and research. Visit the NCTE website for more information and student rates for membership.
  • Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the NCTE (ALAN) is an affiliate of National Council of Teachers of English. ALAN specifically focuses the reviewing and teaching of literature for adolescents. They publish the ALAN Review, which is an excellent journal for teachers and candidates who wish to incorporate young adult literature in their classrooms. Visit the ALAN website for more information.

We strongly encourage ILA candidates to take advantage of professional memberships during their time as students in our program. Student rates are very inexpensive and these memberships often lead to incredible professional development, employment, and networking opportunities within and outside of the Ohio area. 


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