All English Majors

All English majors are assigned a faculty academic advisor who will guide you through your major program and provide advice regarding careers and graduate study. Your faculty adviser is the first person listed on your degree audit report. You can find out your adviser’s email address and telephone number on our People webpage. To ensure that you take the appropriate courses, you are strongly encouraged to meet with your faculty adviser at least once a year prior to scheduling your courses. Students in the ILA concentration should meet with their faculty advisor upon admission to the program and every semester thereafter. The Department offers drop-in advising twice yearly during COLA Advising Days. An email is sent to every active major at least one week prior to the event.

  • If you do not have an assigned faculty adviser, please contact Becca Webb, the department administrative specialist.
  • Early in  the semester before you graduate, you will need to schedule a meeting for a graduation check with your departmental adviser or with Dr. Alpana Sharma, the department chair. She can also help you if you have problems contacting your adviser or if you would like to change to a new adviser.
  • If you have questions about the Wright State Core or College requirements, you may also contact Ms. Lindsay Watson, Academic Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts.

Integrated Language Arts Majors

If you would like to learn more about the ILA program or set up an informational session, please contact Dr. Angela Johnson ( or department chair (

COLA Advisor

Lindsay Watson

Advising in the Major English: Integrated Language Arts

Once you are officially in the ILA program, your degree audit report will first list your advisor and then list the English department chair. At this time, you must see an ILA advisor for program specific forms and information. 

ILA Program Advisor

Dr. Angela Beumer Johnson

Students with Completed Undergraduate Degrees

The graduate licensure program has many prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to admission to the graduate program. (These are undergraduate courses that may be taken for graduate credit if necessary for financial aid.) If you are a student with an undergraduate degree that is NOT English: Integrated Language Arts:

  1. Contact one of the licensure advisors in the College of Education’s Office of Student Services (378 Allyn)  to review your ED requirements. You will receive a checklist of courses you need to take in order to be eligible to apply for the graduate and licensure program in CEHS.
  2. Contact the English department chair, Dr. Carol Loranger, for a transcript review. 
  3. Follow up with the undergraduate director of Integrated Language Arts, Dr. Sally Lamping, for advising throughout your prerequisite coursework, as she will be your primary advisor.

Please be aware that the following are requirements for all students who plan to apply to the graduate and licensure year in CEHS:

  • Score of 220 or higher on the Pearson OAE Test
  • An undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  • A grade of C or better in all content area courses, including 1000 level English courses.