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2019 Issue

Judy Cronenwett, MacKenzie Guthrie, Kayla Mosley, Lauren Randall

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Beth Sjostrom, Cori Lohstroh

Faculty Advisor, Managing Editor
Annette Oxindine

The Fogdog Review has been publishing student essays about literature since 1997. TFR also publishes essays about popular culture and film. We welcome submissions of book reviews and film reviews as well as creative nonfiction that engages literature in a substantive way. TFR often features interviews with visiting authors as well as Wright State faculty, and we frequently publish surveys about various cultural and literary trends.

Please note that The Fogdog Review accepts submissions from students who have been enrolled in at least one course at Wright State within the past two years. TFR welcomes Wright State student submissions from September 1 through January 31.

For over twenty years, The Fogdog Review has been a print journal. However, TFR will debut its first online issue in May 2019.

First World War Centennial: Interview with Barry Milligan from the 2015 issue of TFR

Barry MilliganBy late summer of 1914, Europe was embroiled in what was to become one of the bloodiest conflicts the continent had ever witnessed—a conflict that soon became global, and one that would change the course of civilization. The effects of World War I are still felt today. The years 2014-2018 mark the centenary of what came to be called “The Great War.” In 2014-2015, Wright State commemorated the start of the centenary with A Long, Long Way: Echoes of the Great War, a project sponsored by CELIA (Collaborative Education, Leadership & Innovation in the Arts). The project brought together scholars from several departments in the College of Liberal Arts, including Dr. Barry Milligan, a CELIA Fellow for 2014. Dr. Milligan co-teaches a course with Dr. Carol Herringer, professor and chair of the Department of History, about the British experience of the First World War and its aftermath. Fogdog editors met with Dr. Milligan, professor and associate chair of the Department of English, to talk about the ways in which British literature and culture were influenced by World War I.

Read the complete interview online.

Submissions Process

Submissions are accepted from September 1 through January 31. Student editors evaluate individual submissions and make final publication decisions. The faculty advisor removes all identifying information from each submission to ensure the anonymity of the author. If a submission is not accepted for publication, the author remains anonymous to the editorial staff. Submissions should be emailed as Word attachments to The Fogdog Review faculty advisor, Dr. Annette Oxindine.

Students may send up to TWO submissions per issue.

The Fogdog Review is published annually in May. Free copies of The Fogdog Review's last print issue (2016) are still available in the fourth-floor lounge in Millett Hall as well as in the Department of English, 470 Millett Hall. The Fogdog Review will release its first online issue in May 2019.


The Fogdog Review was established in March 1997 by faculty member Annette Oxindine and English majors Brady Allen, Michael Gallagher, Cynthia Marshall, and Kimberly Wells. Both Brady and Cynthia are now senior lecturers in Wright State's Department of English. The Fogdog Review was a print journal from 1997-2016, and until Wright State moved from quarters to semesters in 2011, it was published twice a year. (Fogdog was on hiatus in 2017 and 2018.)