Department of English Language and Literatures

The Department of English Language and Literatures cultivates literacy in its broadest sense. Your courses will inspire you to think, read, and write reflectively, analytically and creatively.

You will benefit from the department's high-quality programs, taught by faculty members who undertake groundbreaking research in their fields. Their scholarship produces innovative courses designed to prepare you for a range of careers. Cultural diversity and global awareness are incorporated into your curriculum through study abroad programs and co-curricular activities. Service-learning opportunities will help you learn civic engagement and social responsibility. Public programs bring literature and language to life for a wide audience.

Humanities programs at Wright State help you develop careful practices of reading, thinking, researching, and writing. These are essential for your success in an increasingly global, technological world in which texts proliferate and literacies constantly change. All of our tracks are designed to help you acquire specific intellectual and professional skills. But they all offer more general benefits for your personal, professional, and civic development. They will all help you to develop your capacity for critical thought and reflection. They will all help you to refine your written and verbal communication skills. And they will all encourage you to expand your research abilities and aptitudes. But above all, the study of English will help you to realize your full potential as a thoughtful and engaged individual and citizen of your world.

Success Stories

Shen Yao grew up in Xi’an, China, the home of the Terracotta Warriors. Shen considers himself lucky to have started learning English in the third grade, awakening dreams of becoming an English teacher.
When she begins her Fulbright experience in Taiwan this summer, it will be the fifth foreign country Emma Peterson has lived and studied in during the past four years.

Department News

2012 grad returns to Wright State to give English workshop

Ashley Velazquez, an assistant professor at the University of Washington-Bothell, gave a workshop on the Corpus and Repository of Writing (Crow) interface.

Special agents

Wright State’s new Agents of Change community-engagement course makes a splash with Dayton City Commission
The Agents of Change course is part of an initiative designed to empower students to become more active citizens, create partnerships with community groups and promote positive change.

Wright State Libraries honor 7 graduating seniors as Top Scholars

The Top Scholars are awarded a book in their subject area that becomes a permanent part of the University Libraries’ collection.


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