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Feb 20, 2015
Mentoring program for women faculty in STEMMS disciplines enjoys exponential growth in the past year.
Feb 9, 2015
Sociology professor Karen Lahm has spent her career studying prisons and their populations and most recently researched female inmate misconduct.
Jul 24, 2014

This 6 week trip is the second time Dr. Small has participated in a USAC (University Studies Abroad Program). The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) allows students from the USA a unique opportunity to complete a study abroad program that allows for the integration into the college atmosphere, creates opportunities for cultural immersion, and encourages students to experience the culture and learn about the country of India. Dr. Small is teaching a class entitled “Demography and...

May 13, 2014
New Chief of Police David Finnie brings a wealth of experience gathered over a 25-year career in university law enforcement.
Feb 4, 2014

Emilie Fillion, who completed her playing career for the Wright State women's soccer team this past fall, has signed a professional contract with FC Twente of the Dutch Premier League.

Dec 17, 2013

On Stefan Pugh’s office door is a plaque that reads “Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research,” a declaration not only of this professor’s remarkable accomplishments...

Oct 31, 2013

Karen Lahm is using a grant College of Liberal Arts grant to examine inmate-on-inmate assaults and inmate-on-staff assaults at the Ohio Reformatory for Women from 2007-2012.  The data comes from official institutional conduct reports as reported by prison staff and officials.  There are a little over 500 of these reports to analyze: 300 inmate-on-inmate and a little over 200 inmate-on-staff.  These assaults can be physical, sexual, or an issue of harassment.  The data collected from these...

Oct 31, 2013

Hello. My name is Jacqueline Bergdahl and I’m the new Director of the Applied Behavioral Science program. Dr. Karen Lahm was the most immediate prior director and before her, it was Dr. David Orenstein – both Drs. Lahm and Orenstein still teach in the ABS program.

I enjoy my position as director of this program because it allows me to interact with a lot of interesting potential, current and past ABS students.  Students come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of research...

Oct 11, 2013

The Ohio State University, Wright State University and nine other Ohio colleges and universities will share a $3.5 million National Science Foundation grant over the next five years...

Jun 17, 2013

Wright State students can learn about the U.S. Army and ROTC at the Leader’s Training Course this summer.