Shaun Gunter

Recognition Year: 

Dayton native Shaun Gunter began classes at Wright State in 2012, a non-traditional student whose academic career was preceded by a short career as a touring musician. Despite not graduating high school (he received a GED), he excelled in his university studies, graduating magna cum laude in 2016 with a degree in International Studies. After a brief stint working for the Ohio State University, he was admitted to Wright State's Master of Humanities program in 2020, returning to the Dayton campus to continue his research into the spiritual and intellectual traditions of East and Southeast Asia. His work focuses on the intersection of religion, philosophy, and physical culture, with emphasis on Japanese martial arts and the development of modern Yoga. Outside of the classroom, Shaun can be found lifting weights, practicing yoga, and teaching martial arts to area youth. He intends to remain in academic institutions, where he may continue assisting students while pursuing a Ph.D. He dreams of opening his own dojo.


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