Megan Chappie

Recognition Year: 

Megan Chappie is a senior in the Literature concentration with minors in History and Classical Languages and Cultures. She has stood out as an outstanding student across online synchronous, asynchronous, and in-person classes, and in all modes of learning has been an exceptionally thoughtful contributor to class discussion, a great classroom citizen, and a five-star writer. She has been fully involved in facilitating multiple active learning presentations such as dramatic reading performances and video collage production, and has actively interrogated the literary material, brought up relevant cultural analyses and critically investigated extensive secondary material in the field. She is currently writing an honors project on early 20th-century eugenics rhetoric. Her project reveals that the social movement was more widespread than is often acknowledged and that its philosophy of controlling social and biological reproduction propagated prejudice against the lower classes and the disabled. Ultimately, Megan argues that G.K. Chesterton’s 1910 The Ball and the Cross offers a critique of eugenics grounded in the inherent dignity of human life. After graduation, Megan plans to pursue a teaching opportunity with Seton Education Partners serving K-12 populations in underprivileged areas.  


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