Martin Kalfas

International/Comparative Politics
Recognition Year: 

Martin “Marty” Kalfas is a graduate of Ohio State University. He recently defended his M.A. thesis, an innovative and critical examination of public relations efforts by the Beijing government, especially before and after the 2007 global financial crisis. He collected and analyzed detailed data on economic interactions, people-to-people exchanges, and the promotion of the fine arts, to examine the attempts at promoting so-called “soft power” and its relationship to Chinese foreign policy objectives. 

As a graduate student, Marty has participated in multiple co-curricular opportunities: serving as a teaching assistant for Chinese language classes in the Department of Modern Languages, being selected as a student delegate at the prestigious Duke China Leadership Summit, as well as receiving a full scholarship from the government of Taiwan to study advanced Chinese language at National Taiwan University for an entire year. An aspiring translator, this experience was invaluable to Marty, and one that he has continued to draw on in his current position, serving as a translator at Fuyao Glass America in Moraine. Marty is honored for his dedication to excellence, focus on understanding all sides involved in policy, and his great sense of purpose and humor. Congratulations, Marty.


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