Magdalen E. Meyer

Religion, Philosophy, and Classics
Recognition Year: 

Magdalen E. Meyer is a perfect choice to represent the Departments of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics as its outstanding graduate for 2021. Maggie has a double major in both Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and a minor in Classical Languages and Cultures. Prior to attending Wright State, Maggie served in the Army as a diesel mechanic for six years. Enlisting at 17, she earned a distinguished service record, which includes an Army Achievement Medal and Soldier of the Month, and in her unit she contributed to breaking down traditional boundaries relating to Army ranks, culture, and work. Maggie retired from the Army at the rank of Sargent. Maggie also distinguished herself during her time at Wright State. Her professors in all three programs regard her very highly, as a student and as a person, and enjoyed working with her in class. She also participated in activities sponsored by the Classics department, including oral readings of plays from antiquity. At the Ancient Science fair held in 2016, she and two of her classmates were recognized for their exceptional work in creating a replica of the Horologium of Augustus. Maggie’s work in her Latin classes also earned her membership in the honors fraternity Eta Sigma Phi. Her broad interests in Religion, Philosophy, and Classics reflect her passion for learning and her curiosity about the world’s diverse peoples, ideas, values, and practices, a passion she intends to pursue after graduation. “I don’t see my graduation as an end to this sort of education” she observes. “I wake up every day and ask myself what I want to learn about and set out to do it.” So following graduation, she will explore her options for pursuing graduate studies while eagerly awaiting a return to some degree of normalcy following the Covid19 pandemic.


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