Kirsten Halling

COLA Outstanding Teaching Award and Robert J. Kegerreis Distinguished Professor of Teaching Award
Recognition Year: 

Modern Languages

Kirsten Halling makes teaching students her priority, and everything she engages in enhances and deepens this focus. Since arriving at Wright State in 2000, she has taught French courses at all levels and has helped the program’s student enrollment grow from just one major to more than 40, as well as 60 minors. She is beloved by her students and well known and respected in the language teaching profession. Dr. Halling has high expectations of her students and an exceptional ability to intertwine passion and compassion in her teaching. Students thrive under her guidance and consider her caring, knowledgeable, empathetic, and encouraging. She works tirelessly to enhance the program by developing new classes, leading summer ambassador programs to France, and organizing activities for the French Club. She advises many students and helps them identify their career goals. She researches and publishes articles on language pedagogy and is generous in sharing her teaching materials with others. Local, state, national, and international teaching awards have recognized her dedication to superb teaching.


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