Emily Hayslett

Recognition Year: 

Emily Hayslett received her associate’s degree in Communication from Sinclair in 2015, graduates with a Communication Studies major. Although it took her some time to decide on Communication, she says that now she sees the world in a completely different light. The greatest gift she received from her education was a new perspective and the ability to identify and analyze her own prejudices. Knowing how to communicate and help others communicate more efficiently has opened doors she did not even know were there.

When Emily is not in school, she volunteers in Guatemala helping impoverished people living in the highlands. After she graduates, she would like to return to Guatemala at least once a year and use her education to help the many women by teaching them how to empower themselves and raise their voices. She also would like to use her skills in the United States to help prisoners find jobs after their incarceration through bettering their communication and interviewing skills. Congratulations, Emily.


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