An Afternoon with a Legend

At the end of the fall semester Wright State was honored by the presence of Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter. When Mrs. Nutter was young she lived next door to a dance instructor, which sparked her interest in dance, especially ballet. Her love of ballet grew as she became older, and her first big break was performing with the San Francisco Ballet from 1937-1940. During her dance career she was approached by the Golden Gate International Exposition to promote the World’s Fair and a recently new form of traveling: airplane. Mrs. Nutter logged hundreds of thousands of miles and took photos with thousands of people, quickly labelling her the "Most Photographed Woman in the World" by LIFE magazine in February 1938. Not only an acclaimed dancer and promoter, Mrs. Nutter has been a huntress, actress, model, pilot, and businesswoman.

Mrs. Nutter is now 101 years old and still meeting new people and making appearances, one of which was to our dance studio in the Creative Arts Center. Mrs. Nutter enjoyed a private performance by the dance majors and then interacted with some of the students afterwards. Mrs. Nutter is an important sponsor of ARTSGALA, so during her visit she was introduced to Heather Cagle, a dance major and recipient of an ARTSGALA Scholarship. All of the dance majors there were incredibly honored to have such a talented and successful woman in their midst. Mrs. Nutter was also pleased with her visit stating, "I had such an amazing experience at the dance rehearsal. The dancers are all so talented and passionate about what they do. It is so great to watch people do what they love. That is how you succeed. Love what you do and follow your dreams."

Pictured above: Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter with ARTSGALA scholarship recipient Heather Cagle

Mrs. Nutter with dance faculty and students
Back row left to right: Dance Faculty Gregory Robinson, Teressa McWilliams, and Gina Walther, and their students.  Front row: Mrs. Nutter and ARTSGALA Scholarship recipient, Heather Cagle.


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