Message from the Chair


I’m Dr. Noeleen McIlvenna, Director of Social Science Education. My job is to help you earn your degree and set off on a satisfying career.

The state of Ohio and many other states demand that teachers of older children are experts in their subject areas before they train as teachers. A Social Science Education degree shows you have mastered the necessary knowledge in the range of subjects under the umbrella title “Socials.” Your studies will be heavy in History and Political Science, but you have to take classes in other departments such as Sociology and Geography, too.

Recent graduates are teaching in local schools—Dayton Regional STEM School, Beavercreek High and Northridge, for example—but also in other states such as Indiana and North Carolina. Local principals contact WSU to find our students because we have built a fine reputation and maintain partnerships with the region’s schools.

I want you to be confident and happy throughout your intellectual journey. As our degree program is more complicated than others, I want to encourage you to begin by making an appointment with Ann Barr in the COLA Advising Office early in your studies. She will guide you through your CORE classes. At the beginning of your junior year, go see the specific advisor assigned to you in the letter of admission into the SSE major. And early in your senior year, make an appointment with me, so I can make doubly sure you’re all set for graduation and ready to take on the world.

I’m very proud of our program and I think you will find it equips you for a fulfilling life. Go Raiders!

Dr. No