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Students have the option of completing the program requirements for the major in Liberal Studies in a fully online delivery mode. This online option is more limited in scope than the regular program of study. But it is an option for students who need the flexibility of an online degree. As the College of Liberal Arts expands its online offerings, the number of available courses will increase.

Students electing the online option may choose either the Social Sciences or the Humanities concentration. The Social Sciences concentration has the greatest range of online course offerings and is the concentration that students will find most workable in this format. The range of on-line Humanities courses is more limited. We are currently not offering a fully online Fine Arts Concentration, but a hybrid program, which mixes online Core and traditional Fine Arts Concentration courses, is possible.

Online Course Offerings

  • You should check WINGS Express to see which of the listed courses are offered online each semester.
  • This is only a partial list. New online courses appear each semester.
  • Some online courses have prerequisites, and some are restricted to departmental majors. Check the catalog listing for additional information.

Core Courses

You must take 12 hours of Core courses, with at least 3 hours in each area: Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. You may choose from both lower and upper-level courses.

Fine Arts


Social Sciences

Concentration Courses

You must take 15 upper-level hours of either Humanities or Social Science courses. A fully online Fine Arts concentration is currently not available.


Social Sciences

Related Requirements

You must take one (3 credit) Interdisciplinary Studies course, and one (3 credit) Professional Component course.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Professional Component


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