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The Center for Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) Workforce Development welcomes employers to visit Wright State and participate in a variety of programs and activities, including on-campus recruiting. We highly value partnerships with employers that allow our students and faculty to stay current regarding activities and trends in the corporate arena, and allow for the sharing of opportunities such as jobs and internships.

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Why Hire a Liberal Arts Graduate?

Hiring the right employees is one of the most important decisions you make for your organization. When you hire liberal arts graduates, you are hiring valuable employees with the skills your organization needs to succeed and thrive—not just now, but in the future.

That’s because Wright States University’s liberal arts programs train the mind to focus not just on the what, but the how and the why. Liberal arts graduates offer their employer's far more value than just technical training for a job. They are prepared with the essential skills that help them succeed in any job. The liberal arts prepare employees to do well forever.

Liberal arts graduates have these essential skills:

  • Creative, innovative thinking that solves problems
  • The capacity to learn new things quickly and adapt to the ever-changing world
  • Clear, effective communication
  • The ability to do research and analyze data
  • The flexibility to work in teams and understand other points of view in our diverse world

A recent report of employers by Hart Research Associates yielded the following results:

  • 95% said innovation is a priority for employers today.
  • 93% recognized capacities that cut across majors as critical to success and view these skills as more important than a choice of an undergraduate major.
  • More than 94% of employers surveyed place a high priority on ethics, intercultural skills, and the capacity for professional development.

And of a list of the top 10 skills employers want, as reported in Forbes Magazine, seven are directly related to a liberal arts education, including the top two—the ability to work in teams and solve problems.

Specific knowledge of a business or organization will be learned on the job. Skills sharpened by the study of the liberal arts enable employees to thrive now and in jobs that do not yet exist in your organization.

A liberal arts graduate is exactly what you need for your next hire!

Why Hire a Liberal Arts Graduate? brochure (PDF)

Visit Campus

Our students and faculty are eager to learn and share education and experience. We view this partnership as a “win-win” experience for employers, students, and faculty. Employers are invited to visit campus to participate in programs including:

  • Campus Recruitment – Full-time, part-time, and internships
  • Liberal Arts Student Career Success Series – Campus workshops/programs on a variety of career development related topics for all students
  • Field/Major-Specific Career Events – Professionals and employers sit on panels for different student majors then participate in substantive networking. 

View our Calendar of Events and Programs

To engage in any of the above opportunities or to connect with our College of Liberal Arts Students, Please contact Wayne Stark at (937)775-4268.

Post an Opening

Post An Opening for Liberal Arts Students

Whether you are looking for candidates for full-time, part-time, intern, or co-op positions, Wright State University can meet your needs. We highly value partnerships with employers that allow for the sharing of opportunities such as jobs and internships. To help you find the right candidates, post your opportunity by completing the form located below. Once we receive your information, we will connect with you as soon possible. For assistance with any of your hiring needs, please contact Wayne Stark at or at (937) 775-4268. 

Review Resumes

To review resumes, visit Handshake. This university-wide resume referral database allows students and alumni to upload their resume for employer viewing.


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