Message from the Pre-Law Advisor

So you’re thinking about a career in law? Possibly even attending law school? For many years, college students were advised that a legal education, particularly law school, was a solid choice and a good investment in their future. Most prelaw advising time was spent on helping students select a law school and providing them with basic information on taking the LSAT. After all, a law school education never hurt anyone, right? 

But in recent years, with the downturn in the economy, prelaw advising has become a more complicated endeavor. Job prospects for attorneys and other legal professionals have substantially declined in many legal markets. And six-figure student-loan debts are an all-too-familiar reality for many law school graduates. As a result, students need to really consider many more adverse and consequential factors before pursuing a post-graduate legal education. Still some students remain highly passionate about the study of law and see themselves doing nothing other than working in the legal profession. 

Whether you are definitely applying to law school or just want to kick around the idea, I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your decision. Please contact