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Zeuxis: Serial Thinking and The Still Life Project

Academic Year: 
Sunday, April 1 to Sunday, May 6, 2001

Zeuxis is a grass roots project whose mission is to take the measure of still life painting today.

Once considered the least consequential of genres, the still life is now recognized as having the expressive potential of any genre. Central to the lifework of Chardin and Cezanne, it also inspired masterpieces by artists as diverse as Goya, Matisse, and Morandi, and was the principal subject of the early Cubist paintings of Picasso and Braque.

Currently numbering twenty-one painters, Zeuxis was founded in New York City in 1994. Its name derives from the ancient Greek still life painter of Pliny's Natural History. All Zeuxis artists bring to the group their independent experience of producing and exhibiting still life painting. While the work varies considerably in attitude, motif, and technique, all share an interest in a perceptual response to nature and a search for aesthetic value.

For their thirteenth exhibition titled Serial Thinking, Zeuxis artists will explore the compositional and narrative potential of serial imagery. The paintings will present multiple images of one or more objects, using the format of either a single canvas or several related canvases. For this exhibition Zeuxis is pleased to include invited artists Biala, Alain Bruslein, Wilbur Niewald, Victor Pesce, Paul Resika, and Wayne Thiebaud.

Serial Thinking will open at Wright State University (April I - May 6, 200 I) and travel to Kouros Gallery in New York City (July 18 - August 31 ), Augustana College (October 13 -November 17), and Purdue University (February 4 -March 10, 2002).


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