Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries

TODT: Womb Wars

Academic Year: 
Sunday, February 3 to Friday, February 22, 1991

In TODT's Womb Wars, there is no moral to be found. No side is clearly taken. There is just confusion. The viewer recognizes that this is frightening material and that abortion is a part of what is being debated here. But this gallery-sized constructivist installationk, which combines aspects of American folk art with the slick sophistication of high technology, reminds us that the problem is deeper.

TODT's pretext is that our bodis are not our own. More and more, through "advancements" in technology, we are losing control of our own personal biology, "and the state, even before birth," according to TODT, "has the power of invasion." TODT is willing to point out technology's dark side — and that advances in medical science are not always liberating. TODT, (a collaborative effort involving four artists), in the forboding, theatrical environment that Womb Wars is, invites the viewer to investigate this social dilemma. Using light boxes, industrail steel rigging, 50-gallon steel drums, plumbing hardware, hospital equipment, etc., TODT builds a compelling tableau which is really an exaggeration of America's obsession with materialism and "proliferation of stuff."


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