Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries

Honey Leg

Academic Year: 
Wednesday, January 15 to Friday, February 28, 2020
Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries

Honey Leg is a group show of all female and Ohio-based photographers originally shown at Skylab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. It will move from the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries to Tabula Rasa in Cincinnati, Ohio following its closing in February.

Statement from the Curator:

Where the male gaze presents women as women, the female gaze negotiates amongst women what constitutes womanhood. Where the first identifies in order to stabilize and limit, the latter disidentifies in order to reconstitute. To see women be together, rather than to merely watch women. I look to this group of women being together, existing together, documenting one another; they echo my concerns and activate desires I thought were impossible. The friendship they practice, the politics they embody in just experiencing one another, disposes of the toxic relationship we all share with the promises of individuality. To be together is something more, to be together has momentum, and to be together has the energy to persist.

The work in Honey Leg shows the work of a particular group of women photographers in Ohio who have, in my eyes, a sort of collective practice which goes beyond the limits of the individual artist. Their collaborations are a force and a movement, an incredible infestation. When I heard their song, I sang back; the two songs produced something louder, something much more complicated. You can only scream so loud on your own; so why not scream together?

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