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While not an exhaustive list of jobs for musicians, here are some specific jobs and links to job sites to help your search.

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POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT - Student Assistant (posted 10/24/16)

St. George’s Orff Ensemble is in search of a student assistant to attend and aid in a weekly music class for students ages 6-12. The class takes place on Thursdays from 5:00-5:45 at St. George’s Episcopal Church. The class it taught by an Orff-certified music teacher and would be ideal for any musician who hopes to gain experience working with children. Compensation is $20/week.

Job requirements are as follows:

--applicant is ideally a music major (composition, performance, education, or therapy)

--applicant is comfortable singing in a group and alone and has a working knowledge of solfège and Curwen hand signs

--applicant is comfortable working with groups of children

Job responsibilities:

--Arrive at St. George’s no later than 4:45 to assist with setup of instruments and other class materials

--Help students check in at the beginning of class

--Assist students in following teacher’s instructions and staying on task

--Aid students in mallet technique, with removing bars of marimbas, or in any other issues related to Orff instruments

--Join students in activities and songs, going between groups to help students as needed

--Help maintain order at the end of class

--Help students clean up their areas and put away instruments

--Make sure that students remain in the Parish Hall until a parent or guardian arrives

--Stay after class to help teacher clean up (no later than 15 minutes after class)

For more information about the class, please see our website and Facebook page. For more information or to apply, please contact Christin Rondeau at