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POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT - Music Director (posted 6/27/16)

The position of Music is a part-time position.  The person in the position of Music Director is to help develop a music ministry vision while providing overall supervision to the music ministry and the musical needs of the College Hill Community Church family.  The specific responsibilities and expectations of the Music Director are primary listed as follows:

* To serve as the musician for the morning Sunday worship service (s)

* To make provisions for(a) qualified musician(s) to provide musical leadership at the morning worship services whenever him/her are not available

* To provide music to inspire all cultures within CHCC

* To provide leadership in congregation singing during the church service as needed

* To direct and lead all church choirs (including the Children's Choir)

* To hold weekly rehearsals for all choirs

* To arrange for a musician(s) or vocalist(s) to provide special music from time to time during the morning Sunday Service

* To provide a monthly report to Session outlining monthly activities

* To provide musical assistance to all church activities as needed

* To meet monthly with the Worship and Music Ministering Unit 

* To provide or assistance in providing music for weddings and funerals when needed (a stipend for active members will be dependent upon family's desires)

* Submit a yearly plan and a budget for the music department as request by I & S .  Budget should be submitted to Worship and Music Ministry. ( Budget includes cost of special music provided by other musicians, new music, tuning pianos, copyright subscription, cleaning of choir robes; etc).

The Music Director will not be approved to take time off during the month of December-January 15th , and also during the first two weeks prior to Easter.  Scheduling of time off must be presented to Pastor and Personnel.

Applicants can email, call the church at 937-278-4203, or send resume to College Hill Community Church 1547 Philadelphia Dr, Dayton, OH 45406, attention: Rev. John M. Zuercher.