Feb 14, 2014

Do you (or someone you know) identify as a woman currently enrolled as a WSU graduate student?

Participants are needed for a creative thesis project conducted by a Women’s Studies graduate student.

What Is It For?

The project consists of brief narratives about the experiences of women in graduate school at Wright State University’s Dayton campus. Privacy is crucial and your identity will not...

Dec 19, 2013
Students Reading

Do you identify as a woman currently enrolled in graduate school? Do you have feedback about your experiences attending school?

Participants are currently needed for a creative thesis project this semester conducted by a Humanities graduate student. This project will provide narratives about the...

Dec 17, 2013

On Stefan Pugh’s office door is a plaque that reads “Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research,” a declaration not only of this professor’s remarkable accomplishments...

Jun 21, 2011

Nancy Brown Diggs will speak at a local bookstore on Wednesday, June 22.

Apr 11, 2011

“Someday My Prince Will Come.” It sounds like a...

Aug 9, 2010

When his job was put on the chopping block, graphic designer Stephen Rumbaugh considered his options for the future... Rumbaugh thought back to a book he read in the early ’90s on soap making and sensed an opportunity.