photo of a student on stage

Mission Statement

CELIA creates unique and innovative internal and external artistic collaborations resulting in a transformative impact on the Wright State University campus, in the city of Dayton, in the region, throughout the state of Ohio and beyond.


Wright State University’s Departments of Art and Art History and Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures and the School of Music have joined together to form CELIA—Collaborative Education, Leadership, and Innovation in the Arts—an Ohio Center of Excellence at Wright State University.

CELIA acts to develop initiatives to enrich the already-remarkable artistic climate in the Dayton region—an important tool for economic development. 

CELIA enhances ongoing collaborations and nurtures new partnerships. CELIA projects demonstrate high-quality, innovative collaborations, and the ability to further strengthen the reputation of the arts at Wright State.

“A distinct feature of the plans of the founders of Wright State was to develop programs of the highest quality for educating artists. This goal has been realized in each of our three art departments,” said Charles Taylor, dean emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts and one of the prime movers in the development of CELIA. “Our Center of Excellence’s name—CELIA—emphasizes the unique collaborations through which these programs rise above others. The collaborative arts education, collaborative leadership in the arts, and the collaborative innovation in the arts that have existed for a long time at Wright State University are unique to our university and distinguish us nationally and indeed internationally.”

CELIA acts in three major ways to improve the quality of life at Wright State and in our region. First, CELIA encourages ongoing programs and special projects by sponsoring innovative collaborations between WSU arts programs and external partners. Additionally, CELIA’s Distinguished Visiting Artist Series brings nationally and internationally renowned artists on campus for guest lectures, exhibits and performances.  Finally, CELIA fosters a vibrant community of leadership and scholarship in the arts and humanities on the WSU campus through its innovative CELIA Fellows program.