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For over thirty thousand years human beings have been recording, remarking upon and reimagining their existences through visual images and objects.  From the cave paintings at Lascaux and Altamira to the iconic sculpture of Michelangelo to the computer generated art of our own time we have striven to make, understand and admire art. The history of this endeavor is both profound and exhilarating; a rich inheritance for both the artist and the scholar alike…

Art & Art History News

Over 700 attend 2014 ArtsGala

Wright State University’s annual ArtsGala offered patrons a night of unparalleled entertainment.

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Wright State breaks ground on Creative Arts Center renovation project

The Creative Arts Center project include new gallery space, art and performance studios, motion picture production studio, classrooms and an iconic, accessible entrance.

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10:00 am through May 4
10:00 am through Jun 13

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