College of Liberal Arts News

Feb 18, 2011
When she was a child, Gina Bier couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a scuba diver or police officer. So she became both.
Jan 6, 2011
From January 23 to March 6, 2011, the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries will feature the work of Wright State University art faculty Diane Fitch, Tracy Longley-Cook and Danielle Rante.
Aug 9, 2010
When Andrea Foy was looking for a part-time retail job to help offset the expenses of purchasing a house, she went to her job interview as the polished, professional woman she is. While waiting for a manager to interview her, …
Aug 9, 2010
When his job was put on the chopping block, graphic designer Stephen Rumbaugh considered his options for the future... Rumbaugh thought back to a book he read in the early ’90s on soap making and sensed an opportunity.