photo of a studentThe Department of Social Work is located in the College of Liberal Arts, one of the six undergraduate colleges/schools at Wright State University. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This assures that the curriculum and faculty meet established national standards. The degree in social work from an accredited educational institution is a prerequisite to apply for the Ohio social work license (

The Bachelor of Arts program in social work prepares students for beginning employment in social work or for graduate study. Students considering social work as a career should be interested in people of widely varying ages, abilities, and backgrounds; they need to be disciplined, emotionally stable, and intellectually creative. Social workers typically find employment in family services, children's services, public schools, hospitals, mental health centers, and probation and parole boards. While most social workers perform direct practice duties, others are employed as outreach workers, community organizers, and administrators in public, voluntary, and for-profit agencies. Newer fields are also opening up for social workers, such as services to the older adults.

The Social Work Program is student centered in that we believe our academic environment must provide a safe atmosphere for our students to take risks. We are dedicated to preparing ethical and competent practitioners who operate from an empowerment and strengths perspective as they work with individuals, families, groups and communities for social and economic justice. Additionally, the Social Work Program strives to prepare students as life-long learners who continue to make contributions to the profession.