First, you must enroll in Social Work 2700, “Introduction to Social Work” (or its equivalent if you are a transfer student). This course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better prior to the fall semester that you begin the social work major. The course can only be repeated twice should you not pass the first time you take it. Those of you taking this course at Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses, Sinclair, Edison and Clark State will have the opportunity for the BSW Program Director to come to your class to review the application process and answer any lingering questions (once your instructor confirms our visit). Otherwise, students can review information from the Classroom Presentation on Applying to the BSW Program at WSU (PPTX).


Prerequisite courses must be completed no later than the summer preceding the fall semester that you are planning to begin the major. Applications for admission to the major are due by Feb. 1st preceding the fall term you plan to begin the major, however, an extension is granted to the next weekday should Feb. 1 fall on the weekend. The prerequisite courses are listed on the Application to Social Work.

Resources for determining which courses you have fulfilled and which to select from:

  • Students who have applied for admission and have been admitted to WSU (prior to applying to the Social Work major) will have an online degree audit report in WINGS Express showing the official credits they’ve received for WSU and any transfer courses and how those courses meet the degree requirements at WSU. Pre-social work majors will also be able to see how their courses meet the degree requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Social Work.
  • See the Social Work department’s BSW Checksheet of Classes PDF  for Social Work admissions and degree requirements.

Resources for determining if transfer courses are equivalent to those required at WSU:

  • Visit the website. [Note: Only certain schools in 19 states participate in this program. Neighboring states, apart from Ohio, include Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, among others.] [Note: This transfer information is unofficial, since the department or college to which you are applying, or the departments that teach the core (general education) courses at WSU, have the final say on course equivalencies.]
  • Visit the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) courses section of the Ohio Higher Ed website. For course transfers between Ohio public institutions. Your current advisors should assist you in determining the general education requirements that you must complete for your school’s Ohio Transfer Module (which all Ohio public institutions have). Note, however, that the college and department to which you are transferring may have additional admissions/degree requirements listed on our BSW Checksheet of Classes PDF beyond those that WSU accepts as meeting the Ohio Transfer Module agreement.
  • The Transfer Student Center at WSU provides information about Articulation Agreements (on course equivalencies) between WSU and local community colleges and offers unofficial information regarding other possible course equivalencies, in addition to a variety of information regarding attending WSU. For further information and appointments call (937) 775-4830.
  • College of Liberal Arts advisor:  (937) 775-2601, Rm 120  Millett Hall, for information on core and Liberal Arts requirements.

Resources for determining which terms specific classes are offered at WSU:


Applicants have the option of bringing their Social Work Application Packets to the Social Work Department for review prior to the Feb. 1 due date, to help ensure that they are complete. Two dates in January are reserved for reviewing applications on a first come basis. Please contact the Social Work office, (937) 775-2751, to verify the dates and times.  [Note: Incomplete applications can delay your admission to the major.]


Transfer students who are planning to begin the Social Work major at WSU in the coming fall semester are advised to submit a fall admission application (available on the Undergraduate Admissions website ) to WSU’s Admissions Office (beginning the first week of the prior Fall semester through the end of that semester) in order to be admitted  to the university prior to applying to the major by the coming Feb. 1 deadline. All students planning to begin the Social Work major must also submit a Social Work Application for admission to the social work major. It must be submitted to the Department of Social Work (270 Millett Hall, Wright State University, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH. 45435-0001) no later than 4 p.m., Feb. 1 preceding the fall semester that they plan to begin the major.


Application Instructions

All materials to apply to the Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW program as a Wright State University student are available at:

Wright State University Graduate School
E344 Student Union
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
(937) 775-2976

No course credit can be given for life or work experiences.

All required materials must be returned to the WSU Graduate School. Do not send materials to the Social Work Department.

All materials for the Advanced Standing program (see below) must be received by the Graduate School by January 15 in order to receive first consideration for May admission. All materials for the regular program must be received by the Graduate School by February 15 in order to receive first consideration for August admission.

Completing the WSU Application for Admission to a Graduate Status

  • Month and Year of Enrollment – select August for Regular admission and May for Advanced Standing. You must have a Bachelors in Social Work from an accredited program within the last 5 years for Advanced Standing eligibility. (We do not have a January start date, so do not check the January box.)
  • Desired degree – check M.A.
  • Selected program – choose Social Work.
  • Concentration – choose either Advanced Generalist: Children and Families or Advanced Generalist: Older Adults.

Additional Materials

Reference Letters - All applicants must submit 3 reference letters, on the recommender's letterhead, from three different persons. Each letter is to be accompanied by a reference form. The reference forms are available here (PDF). Depending on when your last degree was obtained, these 3 letters must follow the following guidelines. If you have graduated within the last 5 years: One reference letter should be from a college professor. Depending on your situation, your second and third letters can be from additional faculty members, an employer in a human service organization, or your practicum supervisor. If you have graduated more than 5 years ago: At least one letter should be from an employer/supervisor from a human service organization where you have worked or have done voluntary work. The letter should come from your supervisors in these agencies and not from your co-workers. The other two letters can come from faculty members, an employer in a human service organization, or your practicum/internship supervisor.  Please do not email the reference forms and/or letters to Dr. Bhandari. Upload them to the graduate school website, or email them to, or fax them to 937-775-2453. However, if you have questions about reference letters, please email

  • Personal Statement - Faculty reviewers of your application want to understand why you are interested in graduate social work education and to assess your abilities at written communication. Toward this objective, prepare a 3-5 page detailed statement covering all of the questions and points below. Add any relevant information you wish, but please do not omit any sections or questions.
    • Describe your understanding of the social work profession. Please describe why you want to be a social worker and share your professional goals (i.e., What you would like to do with your MASW degree?).
    • Describe any experiences you have had as they relate to your future career as a social work professional. Include: a) full or part-time employment, b) BSW field practicum experience, c) volunteer or extracurricular activities, d) leadership experiences, or e) other relevant experiences.

Additional Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Greater Miami Valley MASW Program, applicants must:

  • Have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;
  • Have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 or higher (based on a 4.0 system) for all previous undergraduate academic work.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in social work or behavioral science courses.
  • Have completed the following behavioral science coursework:
    • at least one course in psychology, sociology, or anthropology
    • at least one course in American history, American government, or economics
    • at least one course in human biology
    • at least one course in statistics

Advanced Standing Program

Requirements for the Advanced Standing Program which can be completed in three semesters beginning with the summer semester are:

  • Meet all the admission requirements of the Regular MSW Program;
  • Have received within the last 5 years before applying, a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a CSWE accredited program OR hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree recognized through the CSWE Recognition and Evaluation service OR hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree covered under a memorandum of understanding with international social work accreditors;
  • Have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 on all previous undergraduate academic work attempted. Students must also have a 3.25 or better in all required undergraduate social work courses;
  • Have documentation of positive performance in field practicum from the undergraduate field instructor or social work employer.


There are some graduate scholarships available in the social work department ranging from $500-$1000/year. For further university scholarship opportunities go to the Raider Connect website.


Both undergraduate- and graduate-level students may pursue studies for the certificate in gerontology. Students must complete the application to the program and send to the Gerontology Certificate Program Director, Dr. Hyejin Kim, at The application can be sent electronically.

Transfer students must submit their transcripts for review.

Upon acceptance, the student will have an initial advising session to plan the courses and the field placement.

The program is housed in the Department of Social Work, 270 Millett, College of Liberal Arts, Wright State University. 

For additional information contact Dr. Hyejin Kim, at (937) 775-2751.