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Honors Graduates

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Honors Designations

The Wright State University Honors Program enrolls the university's brightest, most ambitious students.  

They graduate with one of three Honors designations:

  • University Honors Scholars graduate having completed at least seven Honors courses and seminars, as well as the Departmental Honors Program in their majors.
  • Departmental Honors Scholars graduate having completed significant independent work in their disciplines. Departmental Honors in Religion, Philosophy, and Classics requires the completion of a two-semester research project, which culminates in the writing of an extended honors thesis.
  • General Studies Honors Scholars graduate having earned A’s and B’s in at least seven Honors courses and seminars and have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5.

Honors Graduates

Recent Honors graduates in the departments of Religion, Philosophy and Classics include:

Spring 2021

Kelly M. Staver
Departmental Honors, Philosophy
Project: "What is Otherness?: Investigating the Other in Continental Philosophy"

Spring 2019

Lauren C. Reder
University Honors, Classical Languages and Cultures
Project: “Back to Basics: Vergil's Georgics and the Agrarian Ideal during the Early Augustan Period.”

Fall 2017

Joseph Matthew Allen
Departmental Honors, Religion
Project: “Examining the Household Codes in Ephesians and Colossians: Revolutionizing the Relationship Between Husband and Wife”

Jessica Testerman
Departmental Honors, Philosophy
Project: “The Morality of Superheroes: Gods No More”

Spring 2017

Dana Moorman 
Departmental Honors, Classical Languages and Cultures
Project: “Julian Marriage Laws”

Spring 2015

Jeremy Gambrell
University Honors, Religion
Project: “Paul: Renegade Apostle or Judean Religious Expert?”

Spring 2014

Theresia Gordnier
Departmental Honors, Philosophy
Project: “Doctoring at a Distance: The Ethical Implications of Telemedicine”

Fall 2013

Hope Houston
General Studies Honors, Philosophy and English

Spring 2012

Samantha Doggett
Departmental Honors, Classical Humanities
Project: “Penelope and Odysseus: An Ideal Marriage”

Spring 2011

Jessica Wynn
University Honors, Religion
Project: “Material Objects and Healing in Christianity”

Spring 2010

Michael Ohlson
Departmental Honors, Religion
Project: “Killing the Buddha: The Life and Teachings of Ch’an Master Linji”

Samantha Larason
General Studies Honors, Religion


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