LEAP Intensive English Program

Program Levels and Curriculum

Important LEAP Course Information

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen staffing issues, there are no LEAP courses for international students on new F-1 visas: no LEAP courses for Summer 2022 and only Level 4 (our highest level) for continuing and local students in Fall 2022.

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LEAP Courses

LEAP courses are designed to help you develop the English skills you need for success in an American university. Courses in all four levels focus extensively on academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The courses also include the practical English needed for everyday situations. Instruction in LEAP is interactive. You will engage in a variety of activities such as pair work, small group and whole class discussions, individual and group presentations, impromptu speeches, interviews, surveys done outside class, and more. 

LEAP courses do not carry university credit toward an academic degree. However, you will receive letter grades (A-F) in each class. The grades help determine your promotion from level to level in the program. At the end of each term, you can access your grades online through WINGS Express or order an official transcript from the registrar's office.

LEAP Student Handbook (PDF) 

Program Levels

LEAP offers four levels of instruction:

  • Level 1 (High Beginning)
  • Level 2 (Low Intermediate / Intermediate)
  • Level 3 (High Intermediate)
  • Level 4 (Advanced)

LEAP provides opportunities for enhanced learning:

  • Grammar and pronunciation workshops offered by the TESOL program
  • Individual weekly tutoring in the LEAP Learning Center (LLC)
  • Weekly meetings with conversation partners

Length of Study

LEAP offers three instructional terms each year: Fall (15 weeks), Spring (15 weeks), and Summer (12 weeks). Term start and end dates, and other important university dates and deadlines can be viewed on Wright State's Academic Calendar.

Hours of Study

LEAP classes meet Monday through Friday.

Optional extracurricular activities are scheduled during late afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Sample LEAP Schedule (PDF)


Level 1 (High Beginning)

Level 1 is designed for high beginners. You will learn the fundamentals of English for basic communication and preparation for academic reading, writing, and grammar.

Level 2 (Low Intermediate/Intermediate)

Level 2 is designed for low-intermediate / intermediate students. You will continue to build on the fundamentals of English with more challenging and longer assignments.

Level 3 (High Intermediate)

Level 3 is designed for high-intermediate students. You will advance your English skills through pre-university assignments and activities to prepare for Level 4. If you are in Level 3, you will be advised which track in Level 4 is best for you. 

Level 4 (Advanced)

Level 4 includes advanced preparation in reading, writing, listening and note-taking if you are preparing to enter the university.

Level 4 Options

TOEFL Waiver Track

If you are in LEAP Level 4 TOEFL Waiver Track, you will earn the TOEFL Waiver to Wright State upon completing Level 4 successfully. In the TOEFL Waiver Track, you will take two LEAP courses, Advanced Reading and Writing and Advanced Academic Skills. Additionally, if you are a graduate-intending student, you will take one course in your field. If you are an undergraduate student, you will take one general education course. The academic courses carry credit toward your’ academic degrees.

If you have successfully completed the Level 4 TOEFL Waiver Track, many Wright State graduate and undergraduate programs will waive the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE tests. You may have to meet additional Wright State admissions requirements. Visit the International Admissions website to find out the admission criteria for available programs.

TOEFL Waiver for Completion of LEAP Level 4

  • Undergraduate study: Pass all Level 4 courses of the LEAP Intensive English program with a minimum score of 80 percent and pass a Wright State general education course with a grade of C.
  • Graduate study: Pass all Level 4 courses of the LEAP Intensive English program with a minimum score of 90 percent and pass a Wright State graduate course with a grade of B.

Test Preparation Track

If you are in LEAP Level 4 Test Preparation Track, you will take two LEAP courses, Advanced Reading and Writing and Advanced Academic Skills. You wil also take the LEAP Level 4 Test Preparation, an intensive test preparation course that focuses on strategies for taking the standardized English proficiency tests TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. The course includes in-class practice taking different parts of the test with feedback, and help scheduling your test of choice. Students who take the Test Preparation Track do not earn the TOEFL Waiver to Wright State but must pass one of the language tests to pursue further study at Wright State.

If you are in Level 3, you will be advised which track in Level 4 is best for you.