LEAP Intensive English Program

Advising and Resources

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LEAP students are advised by the program faculty. They provide academic counseling and support, including special advising to address individual students' needs.

Private Tutoring

Do you need help with the English content of one of your classes? Do you simply want one-on-one assistance to improve your English? LEAP instructors are here for you. We will meet with you individually once a week (or as often as you and the instructor agree to meet), and we will bring our knowledge of English and how to explain it clearly to help you!

Cost: $25-50/hour.

Thesis/Dissertation Editing

Writing a thesis or dissertation in your first language is hard. Completing one of these advanced types of writing in English is even more difficult. We admire you and all the hard work you have put into this final part of your degree. If you need help editing your writing, let us know. We love to help students achieve their goals, even when they are (no longer) in our classes.

Cost: $25-50/hour.