Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Specialized Tracks

14402-140 crop.jpgThe Bachelor of Arts degree program in international studies consists of three parts: three years of study of one foreign language; the major core courses, which include introductory work in art history, economics, geography, history, political science, religion and women's studies; and work in a specialized track. 

The specialized tracks in the international studies major provide six options: International Diplomacy and Peace Studies, Area Studies, Comparative Cultures, International Economics, Global Gender Studies, and Research/Intelligence Analysis. The international diplomacy and peace studies track includes courses in political science, communication, and history. The area studies track allows students to focus on a global region (e.g., Africa or Latin America) and includes classes in anthropology, history, humanities, and political science. The comparative cultures track includes courses from anthropology, classics, English, history, humanities, philosophy, and religion. The international economics track focuses on global economic concerns, with supporting course work in history, political science, and sociology. The global gender studies track incorporates a gender-analysis approach to diplomacy, area studies, comparative cultures, and international economics. The research/intelligence track combines course work in research methods, ethics, and a variety of disciplines to assist those interested in international affairs to work in data analysis.

  • The International Diplomacy and Peace Studies track is recommended for students interested in working in the public sector, (e.g., the foreign service, international governmental or nongovernmental organizations, or for those planning to pursue graduate work in international affairs or international law).
  • The Area Studies track provides preparation for the careers mentioned in Diplomacy and Peace Studies, yet offers the opportunity to develop a specialization in a regional area of study (e.g., Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East).
  • The Comparative Cultures track is recommended for students who wish to do focus their program of study on the arts and humanities. This track offers preparation for a variety of careers (e.g., with international governmental and nongovernmental organizations promoting cultural exchanges, as well as graduate work).
  • The International Economics track is recommended for majors planning to work in the private or public sector (e.g., for an international organization promoting economic development or as a public information officer for a multinational corporation).
  • The Global Gender Studies track enables students to analyze and critique patterns of inequalities based on gender as well as race, class, sexuality, and nationality within and across cultures, nations, political systems, and economic structures. It prepares majors for careers in international governmental and nongovernmental organizations concerned with women’s advancement, human rights, conflict resolution, and sustainable development. 
  • The Research Intelligence Analyst track combines course work in research methods, ethics, and a variety of disciplines to assist those interested in international affairs to work in data analysis.


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