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Digital Media and Writing Undergraduate Certificate

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Why Choose Digital Media and Writing?

The Digital Media and Writing Certificate provides opportunities for you to create interactive stories, and use audio, video, and still images to communicate ideas. You will gain hands-on experience with a variety of industry-standard and emerging technologies and receive training in creating and analyzing digital media—skills that have become highly valued and sought after by employers in most industries.

Academics and Curriculum

View Digital Media and Writing Certificate program information and requirements in the Academic Catalog.


The certificate program is open to all majors and can supplement any degree in which the skills of writing and communicating effectively with digital tools are needed. The requirements are:

  • 15 credit hours from a select menu of courses
  • One course from English; one course from communication
  • Final portfolio that makes interdisciplinary and/or multi-modal connections in your abilities to use industry-standard software (such as the Adobe Creative Suite) and technologies


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