Defense Policy

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Data Snapshot: Challenges to Small Business 

DoD SB Challenges Data Snap.pngThe percentage of contract dollars awarded to small businesses at DoD increased from just over 16% to just over 19%, but the actual dollars only changed by approximately 10%. The number of small business contract actions at DoD fell by nearly 70% yet the value of those contract actions rose by nearly 290%. As the data shows, fewer small companies are winning contracts, but the contracts won are larger in dollar amount.

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Ohio Federal Military Jobs Commission Report

OFMJC Final Report_COVER.png


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APRI staff provided research support to the Ohio Federal Military Jobs Commission as they met and developed their final report on strengthening the state's federal military jobs sector. APRI primarily provided research and authorship for Chapter 3 of the report, titled Expand Small Business Federal Contracting. Chapter 3 discusses the strategy to enhance communication and collaboration among State entities in order to create statewide response to the federal initiatives that make contracts available to small business and veteran-owned businesses. Placing Small Business Development Centers and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers on a common information technology netowrk and educating small businesses on how to do work for the federal government can help accomplish the Commission's strategy. Chapter 3 also includes a recommendation for a state-level matching opportunity for Small Business Innovation Research.