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All incoming students in the Criminal Justice and Social Problems track are advised by the program director. Based on student and faculty interest, another faculty member may be assigned to you at the point you begin formulation of the thesis or project. You are encouraged to seek formal advising at least once each term. In consultation with the adviser, you will select the courses for each term and complete a Program of Study (PDF)

Courses in the Applied Behavioral Science Program are generally taught in the evenings on the main campus. Workshops (which normally carry an ABS 7600 number) are often taught on weekends and may be taught, when appropriate, at off-campus facilities (e.g. at prisons, police stations, and courthouses). Courses are posted online each semester. Approval for registration may be requested over the phone or by email from the program.

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Graduation Information


Please make sure you have a completed Program of Study (PDF) turned in AND signed by the program director.

You must complete a graduation application with the Graduate School. Applications are available from the Graduate School directly or from their website. The application fee is $35; subsequent applications are $25.

If you do not meet all of these criteria, see your advisor immediately.

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Petitions to waive or modify program requirements may be made in writing to the program director. The burden of justifying the petition falls on the student.The director will handle petitions for minor items. Petitions for major items (such as exemption from or modification of any core requirement) will be brought before the ABS program committee or a subcommittee designated by the program committee.

Petitions to waive requirements of the Graduate School must be made to the Graduate School. Forms for filing such a petition can be obtained at the Graduate School's offices.

University Policy 5080: Petition for Admission


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