Kery Gray

Director, Dayton City Commission Office
1986, B.A., Communication Studies

member since 2015

Kery Gray is a devoted Daytonian who has spent almost his entire career serving the City of Dayton. Kery graduated in 1986 with a B.A. in Communication Studies from Wright State and began working for the City of Dayton in 1987. He feels that his experience as a student at Wright State has shaped him as a person and played a central role in his career. His most memorable experiences come from his involement with the University Center Board, now called the Student Activites Board, where he helped organize activities like movie nights and off-campus trips for the student body.

In 2014 Kery was appointed to the Mayor’s LGBTQ liaison which he says is one of his biggest accomplishments. When he is not working for the city, he is working on his home renovations or bicycling. Kery and his husband, Tim, were the first couple to get married in Ohio after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that made gay marriage legal in the country. Kery also gives his time to the Wegerzyn Garden Foundation.

In memory of his first partner, Kery founded the Robert B. Dorris scholarship in the Department of Religion. Serving on the Dean’s Leadership Board means a lot to Kery because he understands the financial burden that college creates for many of today’s students and the need for a variety of sources for financial support. This service allows him to help students accomplish their goals of getting a college education.