Kathy Hinders

Retired CPA
1997, B.A., English

member since 2005

Kathleen Hinders is a native of Dayton, Ohio. She has a daughter and one grandson. She graduated from Wright State in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in English and from The University of Phoenix in 2007 with a Master's degree in Management. Kathy has worked in both public accounting and private industry and was the CFO of Crown Packaging in Kettering for 17 years before retiring in 2017. Kathy's focus in this private company setting was process and systems development with an emphasis on custom IT solutions that streamlined the company's operations. She believes that her liberal arts degree strengthened her critical thinking skills, which were extremely beneficial in accomplishing her goals at Crown. These skills helped her to see situations from different perspectives and to emphasize a team approach to solving problems or implementing continuous improvements.

Kathy serves on the Dean's Leadership Board as well as the Study Abroad Scholarship Sub-Committee. Kathy did not have the opportunity to study abroad as a student, but in 2005 she had the opportunity to travel to Europe for business. This experience was a revelation, and she now encourages everyone to travel abroad not only to gain knowledge but also to, perhaps, alter their perceptions. Her favorite tasks on the committee are listening to the reasons students want to study abroad and also listening to stories students share when they return from their trips. Kathy remembers one student's story in particular. This non-traditional Sociology student was visiting Switzerland with the primary goal of comparing the Swiss elderly care system to that of the United States. He was captivated with the level of attention and care provided to the elderly in Switzerland's long-term care facilities, and he was enthusiastic about how he could improve the U.S. system by implementing some of the practices he witnessed. To Kathy, these scholarships are more than worth the time and effort spent analyzing the applications and interviewing students because the students return with a yearning to use the knowledge they have gained to improve our society and the world.