Public and Social Service Transportation Certificate

This certificate is currently under revision and is not being offered at this time.


You don’t need to be an Urban Affairs major to earn a transportation certificate! Supported by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), this certificate is available for all majors.  

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and transportation professionals helped, supported, and funded the development of this certificate. They provided this assistance because the transportation field in Ohio and across the country is continually challenged to attract and retain quality personnel. The Public and Social Services Transportation Certificate program is designed to help fill that need for qualified professionals and to offer transportation as a career track for students trying to help make Ohio and the country a better a place.  

Public transit and social services transportation certificate addresses jobs and issues:

  • Mobility of elderly, disabled, and low income persons to access jobs, education, medical and government services, worship, recreation, and socialization (jobs include public transit systems of all sizes, social services agencies, Medicaid transportation brokers)
  • Environmental pollution, improving air quality, energy consumption, reliance on foreign oil (consulting firms)
  • Sustainable rural towns and lifestyles (university transit systems and for-profit transportation companies)
  • Urban development, economic development, and land use patterns (metropolitan planning organizations)
  • Healthy lifestyles—bicycling, walking, transit (local, state and federal government)


Transportation Certificate