Geographic Information Science Certificate

The Department of Urban Affairs and Geography offers a Geographic Information Science Certificate for graduate and undergraduate students. The certificate program provides focused education on the latest developments in geographic data collection and analytic techniques. The Certificate in Geographic Information Science will benefit students seeking careers in intelligence, planning, marketing, land development, transportation, and many other fields. Upon successful completion of the certificate, the Department Chair will issue a Certificate of Award and will notify the University Registrar to make an appropriate notation on the student’s transcript. 


  1. Admission to Wright State University in degree status.
  2. Possess a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in undergraduate course work or 3.0 in graduate course work.
  3. Complete a Certificate Application. Students interested in earning a Certificate in Geographic Information Science must apply for the certificate and review program requirements with the Chair of the Department of Urban Affairs & Geography. 
  4. Complete Course Requirements.  Five (5) courses and a minimum grade of “C” for all undergraduate level courses and “B” graduate level courses are required.  The courses  include:
    • GEO 4410/6410 Cartography
    • GEO 4430/6430 Geographic Information System Principles
    • GEO 4440/6440 Geographic Information System Applications
    • Two courses from the following—
      • GEO 3600 Concepts of Geo-Mapping
      • GEO 4100/6100 Remote Sensing
      • GEO 4200/6200 Remote Sensing
  5. Prepare and submit to the Department Chair a Certificate Portfolio. The applicant prepares a portfolio of his/her coursework and projects/research reports from the courses completed in the program. The portfolio contains the following components:
    1. Summary of Scholarship Form (PDF).
    2. Copies of projects and or research reports completed in courses required for the Certificate.
    3. Certificate Report of approximately ten pages that includes the following:
      1. Hypothesis and or objective(s) of each project/research report;
      2. A statement of the method for data acquisition and manipulation; and
      3. Analysis and findings made from the data.

Download the GIS Certificate Brochure (PDF) for more information.