School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)

Learning Communities for First Year Students

We encourage our First-Year Students to participate in the Learning Communities. Our PLS 2000 Political Life course has several instructors who participate each semester.

First-Year Programs include the resources and support that students will need to begin their college career successfully and to maintain that success throughout the first year.

  • Wright State‚Äôs Learning Communities students earn higher grades than students who do not participate in LCs.
  • Each fall, 70-80% of incoming freshmen participate in LCs at Wright State.
  • Since the year 2000, Wright State has been home to over 600 learning communities.
  • Since 2000, over 13,000 Wright State's students have participated in LCs.
  • The four goals of the learning communities program are to help students: adjust to college, achieve academic success, develop and grow personally, and explore career development.

First-Year Programs and Services