School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)

How to Declare Your Major or Minor

Many new students enter the University through University College. They are assigned an advisor who helps them schedule their courses and who in turn processes the necessary paperwork to declare a major. Once the students meet the requirements of their intended major, they are moved out of University College and into the College of their major.

Many transfer students and students who meet the minimum requirements of their major are directly admitted into the College of their choice.  If your choice is a College of Liberal Arts major, the CoLA Advising Office will evaluate your admission, complete a DARS for your major, and forward your name to the proper department. The department will contact you and let you know who your major advisor is.

Once you are accepted into your major, you may add a minor through Wings Express. 

It is important to contact your advisor prior to registering for classes. They'll set you up with a check sheet that you can follow to complete your degree.

If you have a block on registration (a PIN), your GPA is lower than a 2.0, you will need to contact the office and meet with your advisor before the pin is removed. 

Visit the RaiderConnect website to view registration dates in the Academic Calendar.