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Since religion is so much a part of human life at every level, studying religion is a way of getting broad perspective on many aspects of human society and culture.



As lovers of wisdom philosophers have always asked questions about such things as the good life, the nature of beauty, political justice, what is involved in knowing something, and language.



Classics is the study of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Both cultures have had a profound influence on life in the western world.


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Digging deep

Jeannette Marchand, who teaches archaeology and classics, says she’s motivated by the thrill of discovery on a dig or in research.
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WSU’s Annual Kristallnacht Commemoration

WSU’s Annual Kristallnacht Commemoration

As soon as the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 they established the first concentration camp in Dachau and began to persecute Jews and others that they deemed as opposing their fascist regime.

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