OMEA 2015 Professional Development Conference Registration Directions

Follow the steps to register online


If you’ve registered for NAfME, go to
If not, you need to register for NAfME first. This will save you a lot of money as it costs $225 for nonmembers.


Member Login
NAfME ID is on your card you should have received in the mail several weeks ago. This needs to be a 9 digit number, so if your ID is less than 9 digits, you need to add 0’s at the beginning! For example, if your card lists your ID as 8675309, you need to type it as 008675309
Password is your 5 digit zip code unless you changed it.


Click on “Register Online” (located at top right of the page) and then click on “2014 Professional Development Conference”

Read through the conference registration terms…seriously…I read it…therefore you should read it too.


Click on “I have read and do understand the registration terms and conditions for the OMEA professional development conference and I agree to the terms and conditions specified” at the bottom of the page (it will highlight blue when you scroll the mouse over it)


Click on “Register to Attend, Click here to begin” at the left side of the page (under Register to attend)


Fill out the information (this is going to cost $40, so mentally prepare yourself) Keep in mind that the SHIPPING ADDRESS is where your packet will be mailed! If you want to receive it at school, put your school address in.


Click on “click to securely process your payment” located at the bottom of the page


Enter in credit card info. Click “continue”


Check over/edit information listed. Then click “I authorize this transaction”


Check over and click “Submit transaction for processing”


Transaction should be approved!


Go take a nap. Unless you have class…then go to class and take a nap later.