Spanish Major Gabrielle Ritter Interns at the Antioch School

During the Spring semester of 2017, Spanish major Gabrielle Ritter stepped into not one, but three Spanish classrooms: Kindergarten, Younger Group (grades 1-3), and Older Group (grades 4-6).  Founded in 1921, the Antioch School (Yellow Springs, OH) is the oldest democratic school in the country. It’s a place where childhood is respected and students have a say in their learning.  Gabrielle conferred with the students on what interested them the most, researched activities, developed lesson plans, and always maintained a comforting and supportive presence in the classroom.

               Dr. Ksenia Bonch Reeves, who has served as a volunteer Spanish teacher at the school and supervised the internship, says: “Stepping into a classroom for the first time can be quite a challenge. It was amazing to see how quickly Gabrielle took ownership of lesson planning and teaching. Doing an internship means adding a lot of work to an already busy schedule, and Gabrielle has met and exceeded internship expectations. I cannot think of a more supportive place than the Antioch School to get one’s first teaching experience. We are grateful to the school community for making it possible.”

               According to School Manager M. J. Richlen,Gabrielle found her path into the Antioch School and into the lives of the children in a respectful, kind, and intelligent manner. The children enjoyed her weekly presence as their Spanish instructor. Her lesson preparation was excellent. She had the pleasure of accompanying our Younger Group children on their Monday morning walk into Glen Helen Nature Preserve. Gabrielle always returned with a smile. The Antioch School community was honored to be a part of her teaching preparation experience and Wright State’s internship programs.        

                “Interning at the Antioch School has been an amazing and unique opportunity, “ says Gabrielle. “I love the students' (and the teachers') excitement to learn and use Spanish, and the stories about how they apply what they've learned outside of class. The students are incredibly smart and the atmosphere of the school is welcoming. I could not have asked for a better experience or place to teach and learn.                 
¡Gracias Antioch School y Profesora Bonch!”        

Internships are available for Spanish majors and minors. We have partnerships with schools and afterschool enrichment programs as well as area businesses. To inquire, please send an e-mail to or

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