Course Intensive Plan

The Course Intensive Plan is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for students not expecting to pursue doctoral studies. The curriculum consists entirely of coursework, with a lengthy final paper submitted at the end of the program.

Fields of Concentration

  1. United States to 1877
  2. United States since 1877
  3. Europe since 1600
  4. War & Society

Students must meet all requirements of the School of Graduate Studies. Besides the required HST 7000 (Historical Methods), students select either two fields of concentration or choose War & Society as a single concentration, for a total of 24 hours. There must be a minimum of 12 hours in each field of concentration; there should be a minimum of 6 hours of 7000-level courses in each field of concentration. Students must seek the consent of a graduate director before taking course work outside their fields of concentration. Students may petition the graduate studies committee to grant exceptions to field of concentration. The student will present a research paper to the graduate studies committee for approval in the final semester of enrollment. The research paper will demonstrate the student's ability to work with primary and secondary historical sources, and to master academic writing, using notes and bibliography according to departmental standards.

The Course Intensive Plan can also be dedicated entirely to the concentration in War and Society.

Summary of Courses Required

  • History Courses Numbered 7000-7460: 15 credit hours (minimum)
  • History Courses Numbered 6000-6870: 18 credit hours

Total: 33 credit hours