The Wright State Writing Academy

A workshop for students placing into DEV 0920, ENG 1120, and ENG 1140.

Improve your Writing Placement

For students placing into DEV 0920: Improve your writing placement and get the tools to succeed at college writing in our four week summer Wright State Writing Academy.

Mondays through Thursdays
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The Writing Academy is a four-week intensive program. It’s designed to introduce you to what college faculty will expect from you, as a reader, a writer, a college student. You’ll learn the behaviors and attitudes of successful college students and get acquainted with Wright State’s campus. And, you’ll practice college-level reading and writing.

At the end of the program, the English Department will assess the writing you do during the academy to see if your placement should be changed. If so, you may be able to take English 1100, 1120, or 1140 instead of DEV 0920 and be on track for success. If you placed into ENG 1120 or 1140, you may be able to take ENG 1100.

Cost: $120 (which will be charged to your University account) plus textbooks and materials.

Dormitory housing: available at an additional cost of $360.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch are available weekdays at Union Market in the Student Union, but dinners and weekends are on your own. (Dorm rooms are equipped with microwave, sink, and refrigerator, and a grocery store is within walking distance.)

The deadline to apply for the Academy is July 24.

If you enroll but then decide NOT to attend, you need to notify Sandy Trimboli in the Department of English at (937) 775-2279 no later than July 24; otherwise you are responsible for paying the $120.00.

To enroll in the Academy:

Please complete the online application form.

Registration begins April 17 - enrollment is not possible before this date.