Endorsement in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The endorsement in TESOL enables the recipient to teach English as a second language to students in grades for which the candidate is licensed.  It is attached to an existing state of Ohio teaching licensure in a related field. The licensure can be done independently or as part of a graduate program degree. 

Required Courses  Credit Semester
ENG 6710 Introduction to Linguistics (prerequisite to core courses) 3 hours Every Semester*
ENG 6730 TESOL Theory and Culture 3 hours Fall
ENG 6740 TESOL Practices and Materials 3 hours Fall
ENG 6750 TESOL Grammar 3 hours Spring
ENG 6760 TESOL Assessment 3 hours Spring
ENG 6770 ESL in the preK-12 Classroom 3 hours Fall
ED 6610 TESOL K-12 Practicum 3 hours varies

Total 21 Hrs.
*ENG 6710 may be taken in conjunction with fall semester courses. 

  1. The endorsement cannot be used without a valid state of Ohio teaching licensure.
  2. To qualify for the endorsement a student must have taken a course in the teaching of reading and have successfully completed one year of a foreign language at the college level, or the equivalent.
  3. In order to be admitted into the program, nonnative speakers of English must obtain a TOEFL score of 250 (600) or for conditional admission 213 (550)

TESOL Tracks

TESOL Portfolio

The TESOL portfolio is a comprehensive evaluation of the student's knowledge of TESOL subject matter. Students must submit the portfolio after completing the course sequence.

Ohio Assessment Test for Endorsement

A score of 220 is a passing grade for this test.  Please use this link for more information - http://www.oh.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/OH021_TestPage.html.