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See what our M.A. graduates are doing now.

Ryan Ireland (2012) sold his first novel in a two-book deal to OneWorld Publications in London. This is the novel he started to write in Erin Flanagan's Novel Writing Class (710) in Fall 2010. Ryan is currently in the University of Cincinnati PhD program for creative writing. (2/26/14)

Three alumni are presenting at the national Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis this March.  The panel is entitled: Opening Gates and Closing Minds: 3 Views of Online Democracy at Work
Stephen Bush 2013 - Behind The Wall of Prejudice: How Internet Filter Bubbles Frustrate Agonistic Discourse Online
Meghan Finley 2013 Blogs, Webcomics, and Convergence: Science Popularizations and Evolving Forms of Scientific Discourse
Adam Kuchta 2013 Public Pedagogy, Collective Intelligence, and Digital Culture: Binocular Evaluation of Agency, Resistance, and Control in Electronic LEGO Fan Communities (2/13/14)

Mark Fabiano (2006) published an essay called "Householder Disintegration and Awakening of Feminine Consciousness: Shashi Desphande's A Matter of Time" in Muses India: Essays on English-Language Writers from Mahomet to Rushdie
Chetan Deshmane (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. 2013). (2/13/14)