Undergraduate Admission


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Any student eligible for admission to the College of Liberal Arts is eligible for admission to the Literature, Professional and Technical Writing, Creative Writing and TESOL concentrations in English. Non-native speakers of English seeking admission to any undergraduate major program in English must meet one of the following minimum language proficiency requirements:

  • TOEFL: 79
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • PEARSON PTE: 58, or
  • Satisfactory completion of LEAP level 4 TOEFL substitution

Integrated Language Arts Concentration

In order to be admitted to the English: Integrated Language Arts Program, an undergraduate student must have a 2.5 G.P.A. which includes at least two English courses. The two English courses must also carry the same 2.5 G.P.A. 

To apply for admission to the English: Integrated Language Arts Program:

  1. Please see an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts. 
  2. The CoLA advisor will review your MAP and, upon successful completion of all the necessary requirements, direct you to your English: Integrated Language Arts advisor. 
  3. Once you are officially admitted into the program, your DARS report will reflect your major and indicate the names of your CoLA advisor, your ILA advisor (Dr. Angela Beumer Johnson, Dr. Sally Lamping, or Dr. Nancy Mack), and the English department chair (Dr. Carol Loranger).
Registration for ILA Courses

In order to register for an entry level ILA course (ENG 3520, 3530, 3560, or 3570), you must officially be an ILA major and place your name on a waiting list in the English department office (470 Millett Hall). 

Maintaining Academic Standing in ILA

In order to continue in the ILA program, you must maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. throughout your undergraduate program. You also must maintain a C or better in all core English and ILA classes. Please note, however, that you must have at least a 2.7 G.P.A. for admission into the graduate program.

If you fall below these requirements, a block will be placed on your ability to register for courses. You will need to see your ILA advisor to discuss this block. 

Graduate Admission

In order to qualify for admission into the graduate program in the College of Education and Human Services, you must:

  1. Successfully complete your undergraduate ILA degree with C’s or better in all core ENG classes
  2. Successfully complete your undergraduate field placement
  3. Have a 2.7 G.P.A. or higher
  4. Maintain regular semester appointments with your ILA advisor (Dr. Angela Johnson, Dr. Sally Lamping, or Dr. Nancy Mack) to help you organize deadlines and complete the graduate application process. 
  5. Pass the Pearson OAE English Language Arts/020 test with a qualifying score of 220. The test is only available online at an approved OAE test site. Currently, these test sites are at WSU Lake Campus, OSU, and Columbus State. Visit the Ohio Assessments for Educators webpage for more information.
  6. Complete two applications (for the Graduate School and College of Education).  You should make an appointment with your ILA advisor (Dr. Angela Johnson, Dr. Sally Lamping, or Dr. Nancy Mack) to review this application before completion.