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Crime and Justice Studies is a Liberal Arts degree and therefore, the focus is on providing students with a well-rounded, critically engaged, and scientifically informed understanding of the field.  Program graduates will attain positions in a variety of occupations including local and federal law enforcement, probation and parole, civil, criminal and juvenile courts, researcher, corrections, teaching, forensics and a variety of other fields.

Crime and Justice Studies News

Intern meets with U.S. District Court Judges

Jamie Jaggers, a senior majoring in Crime and Justice Studies, is completing her internship with the United States Probation Office.  One of the interesting parts of her internship, shown in the photo, involved a recent meeti

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Internship with Advanced Technical Intelligence Center

Megan Wulber, a senior Crime and Justice Studies major, received an internship for the Fall of 2014 at The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in their Center for Law Enforcement Analysis and Training (CLEAT) program.

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Why Liberal Arts?

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